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Set the date, time, and place

This is more crucial than most people realise. There are a myriad of factors to consider.

How will the weather be? Are all participants available? Do you have enough time to get everything in order? Are there major sports events in the neighbourhood that could overshadow your event?

Take your time with this. (No pun intended.)

Next, approach the management of your preferred venues and enquire about their availability. Before sealing the deal, confirm that the venue has all the necessary facilities for the sports event. Make sure the management allows you to use them. You don’t want to hire a venue without a swimming pool when swimming is one of your main activities.

Check if they have separate changing rooms for ladies and men. Or if you can temporarily convert what’s available to cater for this.

There’s nothing like an outdoor event in a beautiful location! But not all sport events can be held outdoors, like table tennis, for example. Another important issue is that not all outdoor spaces are available for sport events. For outdoor events you must have the municipality permission, and for that you will have to fulfil to all their demands such as spectators’ control, special insurances, security, etc.

Tip: For advice on picking the right event date, take a look at this guide.