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LEAP Sports Local Event Two

LEAP Sports Local Event Two

On Monday 20th June, LEAP Sports organised the second local event in Edinburgh, Scotland. This was an LGBTIQ+ Introduction to Parkour event, organised in collaboration with Access Parkour. This event was delivered as part of LEAP Sports’ Festival Fortnight, which happens annually in the second half of June, and it aims to get LGBTIQ+ people active as well as empower the sports community in Scotland to become more aware of LGBTIQ+ issues and inclusion in general. The parkour event in Edinburgh saw 25 LGBTIQ+ people come together outside the Scottish Parliament with the backdrop of the famous Arthur’s Seat. This was the biggest queer parkour event Scotland has ever seen, and that alone made it a massive success. The participants all gave fantastic feedback, with one participant having said: “I felt so lucky to try parkour for the first time in such a safe and welcoming environment. There should be more events like this.” The coaches from Access Parkour who delivered the session were also part of the LGBTIQ+ community and 2 years prior to this event, LEAP provided funds for A.P. to qualify 6 LGBTIQ+ coaches. It is important to see representation within the sport, from coaches to participants, so we are very proud of this achievement. Access Parkour have now become a recognised partner in LEAP Sports’ Festival Fortnight and they will be organising an event every year, so parkour will only become more popular within the LGBTIQ+ community.

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