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LEAP Local Event  30/10/2021

LEAP Local Event 30/10/2021

On the 30th October, our Scottish partner, LEAP Sports and their two volunteers, Max and Laura, organised an urban sports day for LGBTIQ+ young people in Glasgow. The participants enjoyed taster sessions of streetball and parkour, that were offered by expert coaches from Lady Rocks Basketball and Ukemki respectively. The sports were delivered outdoors in local Glaswegian neighbourhoods and we were fortunate enough that the Scottish rain stopped just in time for the start of our event! 

It was a wonderful day with lots of engagement. The two sports sessions were broken up with a lunch break where participants had the chance to get to know each other and even spark a discussion about the origins of parkour. 

Many of the participants had never tried these sports before so it was a fantastic opportunity for them. One of the aims of the event was to increase the participation of LGBTIQ+ people who engage in urban sports, and all of the participants came away from this day saying that they would like to continue practising the sports on offer.