Meeting the Volunteers from BAIS


Hi, my name is Istvan.

After I graduated in Cultural Tourism, I wanted to continue my education, but in a different, non-formal way. Volunteering was one of the best options for that.

Since my childhood I have always admired those people who can do flips, tricks, jumps that amazes everyone and I wanted to become one of them. So, I started parkour, which motivated me to do street workout too, and here I am, exploring every kind of movement that pushes physical and especially mental barriers.

During the local event I realised that there are a lot of people interested in this kind of movement, they are seeking something new, that the parkour/street workout can offer. By introducing these forms of physical activities to the people, we are making them accessible for everyone, for every age, at any time.

Even though we are halfway through the UUM project, I’ve already met a lot of people with the same interest, and I can’t wait to experience how other countries are trying to expand/promote these sports in our future projects.


Hi! My name is Lili.

I dived headfirst into the experience of UUM when I saw they were looking for a volunteer last minute – and it is fair to say that it was the most courageous of all the jumpings that I did.

I consider myself an outdoorsy person as I enjoy hiking and joining my friends in the neighbourhood parks for a workout or playing sports but it was this project where I have acquainted myself with street sports thoroughly.

It has been challenging but equally fun to find and in some cases stretch my boundaries in this field and to use my community-building skills in the form of physical movement – from which I can definitely benefit from in the future on and off the court. I have yet to meet the rest of the international team, but based on my Hungarian experience I simply cannot wait. And maybe I will surprise myself with a somersault somewhere along the journey, who knows?