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How to Street Work out?

How to Street Work out?

Places to exercise
In the beginning any other spot would do; playgrounds or any location that would have the basic structures which you can perform the most common exercises on such as press-up variations, pull-ups, dips, core strengthening variations for example. In recent times, public policies have been aimed at promoting active and healthy lifestyles, often advocating outdoor and grassroots sports also contributing to the popularity of street workout. This has resulted in more and more purpose-built street workout parks being constructed and used in urban areas. 

A typical Street workout park includes the following elements:
Monkey bar ( description)
Pull up bars

Parallel bars

Sit up pad

Staple own bodyweight exercises


Press up

Pull and chin up


Pull up

Knee raises

Sit ups


Variations of the a above.


Muscle up

Chest to bar