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BIAS Local Event Two

The event’s purpose was to introduce parkour to people who have never heard of this type of movement, and never done it as well as view the city of Budapest from a different perspective.

We know a spot is a common ground between a tour guide and a parkour athlete, and a great starting point for a project that aims to bring street sports closer to people through joy and new perspectives. Doing a backflip definitely gives you a new angle of our city and we decided to incorporate parkour into guided city tours around the City Park in Budapest to create a new experience for extreme sport junkies and newcomers looking for community.

We imagined that as Budapest’s secret spots turn into familiar places, the sky above us will slowly turn pink and there is a hope that the participating strangers turn into friends.

We started training parkour after the tour. We started with the basics and the participants were pretty good at it. The last and final challenge of the day was a complete parkour line, where they had to combine all their skills that they had learned that day.

After the event we had a casual mini picnic with some snacks for those who wanted to chat more and figured that we were looking for bodies to move but inside them we found open minds and curious hearts. We ended up having a heart to heart chat about finding our way in a new city, living alone, and entering a new culture. We all felt a little sad to finally stand up and leave and looking back it feels right to call this session a PLAYout instead of a WORKout.