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What is Urban Sports?

What is Urban Sports?

What are Urban Sports?

Urban Sports are sports that are held in Urban Environments, such as large cities. The classification comes from the fact that sports are being held in city environments rather than a prepared field. Many of the sports classified as urban sports derive from traditional sports, for example street football and 3×3 Basket. In such sports the rules are highly modified to fit the situation and current setup. 

Many of the setups that are made to accommodate Urban Sports come from an expression of the spontaneous, improvisational and Creative origins of sport adapted by human ingenuity to urban environments. Some of the ways Urban Sports differ from Traditional sports is by not being so structured and also not having many rules you would find in your typical organised sports. This is why we find many youths attracted to Urban sports, because many of the sports are Individual sports and allow the individuals to express themselves in ways they see fit and are not constrained to timetables as they can practice these sports at their own time.

Urban Sports Origins

Urban Sports Origins are traceable to the very earliest evidence of sports in Greek and Roman Civilisations where activities such as running were organised through cities. Urban Sports really took off in the late 20th Century when cities around the world started to increase in large volumes and with them also the local populations. With a lack of space, time and even affordability to take part in organised sports, people started to find alternatives and came up with activities such as parkour, street football, 3×3 basket and more.