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Types of Urban Sports

Types of Urban Sports

Re-appropriate the city’s spaces and experience them in a different way. Think about assigning buildings different uses than those for which they were designed. 

These are the principles behind urban sports, which include a series of activities such as; skateboarding and inline skating, urban climbing or Parkour, urban golf and bike activities such as BMX. Street Workout and Pull Up Bar challenges have also become popular and of course grouped activities such as Street Football and 3×3 Basket.

The reality is that just about any urban exercise may be studied being Urban Sports, as it could be any spontaneous activity that is organised in an Urban Environment. Many of these activities have stuck on through generations and many of these activities above have all become recognised world wide due to the increase in popularity from one generation to the other. Sports like Skateboarding and BMX which are part of the urban sports family have all been included in the Olympics in recent years. In Tokyo 2021, A BMX freestyle competition will be held for the first time. These events then attract Major manufactures like Nike and Adidas who now have Skate shoes that can be worn for BMX and Skateboarding and as a result will open possibilities to have them invest int he sports too.