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Streetball rules

Streetball rules

Streetball benefits from some simplified basketball rules. The rule book is very permissive and flexible, rules contained in it being usually made on the spot. In unofficial games, one of the most interesting aspects regarding these rules is the fact that any player can call a foul in any moment he/she feels someone is tackled. When one of the players call this while someone goes for netting the ball, the points scored are not validated and the ball must be given to the fouled team’s player. In unofficial streetball there are no free throws. The ultimate goal of this rule is speeding up the game and also an “insurance policy” regarding decreasing injuries.

These rules seem to significantly improve streetball quality. There is another special rule according to which when a team reaches a certain number of points with the other team having scored none, the game ends. This rule can suffer mild modifications, but usually the most commonly used is the “7- 0 rule”.

A very important aspect connected to this sport is the easiness with which any player can travel to an open-air location where streetball can be played and express he/she wish to play. The person will then be asked to choose a team and will be able to play till 7, 11, 15 or 21 points marks are achieved. Usually, in this game, every net is worth one point and 3 points basketball nets are considered 2 pointers here. Also, there is a “2 point win rule” which means a team can only win by scoring at least 2 points more than its competitor.

The game is usually played by 3 players against other 3 but sometimes 5 on 5 is also a viable option. 

Official Rules

With the popularization of Streetball, and the consequent professionalization of the game, in 2013, the International Basketball Federation (IBF) brought modifications to 3×3 basketball rules which are now applied in all IBF Endorsed competitions.


1 referee

1 hoop,

1 half court

2 teams of 3 + 1 sub


10-minute game

12-second shot-clock

No break after scoring

No half-time

No quarters


Game over at 21 pts

First to 2 pts wins OT

Non-stop music