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A big element of this project was for the participants involved to learn about aspects regarding volunteering and employment. The employment world of sport is diverse and there’s opportunity for people from all walks of life to become involved, as there are jobs ranging from things such as coaches, fitness instructors and personal trainers, to lawyers, accountants and marketing experts, and everything in between and around those areas!

In April 2022, the UUM participants travelled to Cascais, Portugal and took part in various employability and volunteering workshops. In the slides below, you will find information about many different topics, some of which might give you inspiration and help you to secure your next opportunity!


Building your Portfolio – using online learning platforms; language courses and other training


Job Search Strategies & LinkedIn – the job hunt pyramid; taking action; networking; creating your LinkedIn profile


How to Write a CV – purpose of a CV; types of CV; important elements; tips & tricks; example CVs


How to Write a Cover Letter – purpose of a cover letter; important elements, cover letter structure; tips