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How is Streetball organized?

How is Streetball organized?

Streetball is today one of the four pillars of the International Basketball Federation. They have formed a special department for 3×3 basketball, and they are in charge of defining the rules of the games and the development of the sport. For the growth of the sport, National Federations are asked to cooperate by:

  • Organizing clinics for kids;
  • Introducing exe in schools;
  • Organized skill camps for talents;
  • Activate grassroots competitions;
  • Incentivize organisations of official events.

Apart from the national federations, some countries like the USA, China, Japan or Brazil have their own professional leagues.

Although we are assisting a prominent organization of the sport, street ball will never stop been an urban sport, related with the street culture, available for all of those who just want to have fun playing the sport.

What do you need to play streetball?

To play streetball you just need to invite friends, put some comfortable sport clothes, bring a basketball ball, find a hoop and enjoy the most popular urban sport in the world.